10 Hottest Female Tennis Players

10. Barbara Schett
Former Austrian tennis player, highest ranking was no. 7 in 1999.

9. Elena Dementieva
Retired Russian Tennis player. Used to be number 3 in the world. Won olympic gold in 2008 nd won 16 WTA single titles

 8. Maria Krilenko

 7. Simona Halep
This girls is probably more famous for her boobs than for her tennis. The day she reduced them was a black day for tennis.

6. Tatiana Golovin
French Tennis player, was once the number 13 in the WTA ranking and she got a super hot body!

5. Maria Sharpova
One of the most succesful tennis players of the 00s. Won 22 WTA single titles including 3 grand slams. Was the number 1 in the world. In 2010 she had a lot of injuries and is now the number 18 in the world.

4. Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova never realy was a good tennis player (she did have succes as a double player toghether with Martina Hingis). But somehow the stands where always full when Anna was playing. Many think she is the hottest tennis player (which she isn’t, she is the fouth ;) ). At the top of her fame she was one of the most search for strings in Google. Now Anna is a model, and girlfriend of singer Enrique Iglesias.

3. Vanessa Menga
this girl might need some explaining since she isn’t realy famous (but she is super hot!). She is a former tennis player from Brazil, the highest she ever ranked was 163 (1999). She did pose in the Brazilian Playboy in 2001 and looked super hot doing so, that’s why she is in the 4th spot (if you want to see nude photos, google her!)

2. Ashley Harkleroad
Another girl who is more famous for posing nude in Playboy then playing tennis, but who cares, she looked super cute :p

1. Ana Ivanovic
We didn’t dare putting a girl in the number one position who isn’t really good tennis player. Luckaly there is serbian babe Ana Ivanovic, cute, sexy, hot, and a really good tennis player.